Sarah Tracy

Artist statement:
I am the creator of my visions, experiences, thoughts, and emotions. I recognize these creative abilities in myself as one with the collective whole of humanity. We are one being perceiving our Self through an infinitude of different experiences, but we all share the same mind and heart. My creative expression shines the light of my perspective into the depths of our One soul. I seek the bigger and smaller pictures, and their intimate connection. I am here to bridge the space between observer and observed with fluid feelings of unified consciousness. I am honored and humbled to create and share with you in this way.

Contact Email:
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Om Mani Padme Hum

Om Mani Padme Hum
18″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas
My first painting, reflective of an experience I had on November 11, 2010, when I realized that it is my place and purpose to create and share my creations.

Water Dragon

Water Dragon
24” x 30” oil on canvas
Painted live at Emancipator at King Plow Arts Center January 21, 2012

In Chinese astrology, 2012 is the year of the water dragon. The dragon is a fierce and powerful mystical creature representing transformation and good fortune. The dragon constellation is said to be the gatekeeper of the Eastern sky, bringing wealth, harmony, virtue, & longevity.

The element of water represents waves of emotion, intuition, and fluidity.

These aspects also reflect archetypal elements of femininity. As a collective consciousness, we are moving from an age of predominately masculine mindsets ( of logic and analyzation) into a predominately feminine state of being with feeling and intuition setting our foundation.

Personally, I have had several blissful and transformational experiences with dragonflies while swimming in water. I felt it was synchronistic and necessary to incorporate dragonflies into this piece.

The Hunab Ku is the Mayan’s symbol for the center of our galaxy. “Hunab Ku” translates to “Sole God”. The Mayans have amazingly accurate calendar systems formed from their advanced understanding of astronomy. Their calendars are synchronized with the location and relation to the center of our galaxy, the spinning swirl that gives birth to stars & planets and also sucks them back into itself. It is understood to be the Supreme Consciousness that orchestrates our solar system, star systems alike, space, and time as we know it. This is our Source, the gateway to all levels of consciousness and dimensions, as well as star systems beyond our Sun. In 2012, our planet and sun merge into galactic alignment with the Hunab Ku, and the Mayan calendar will renew itself.

Tree See You

Tree See You
18” x 24” acrylic and oil on canvas
Painted live at Electric Forest Festival and in studio.

This piece begins with the profiles of two faces looking at each other, smiling softly in understanding.

Between these faces is a tree, where the two meet and become as One.

Within the roots of the tree is the One, from where all arises and falls back to. The One is sitting in meditation with the seed of life on the crown.

From these roots grow childlike figures, their hands in prayer. Their glowing heart prayers become a larger version of themselves – dancing around the trunk of the tree, reaching up to their yet higher selves which are far up within the tree, reaching up toward the light, as the branches.

The tree grows with a tightly woven trunk, representing the intricate connection these beings share. The trunk becomes the essence of these beings, which is the essence of the roots – the One. They are holding each other and dancing, their hearts are infinitely connected. They hold the seed of life above their heads as an offering of this infinite love.

The infinity symbol is also placed where the two profiles’ third eyes meet, because they see infinitely into each other; this is also why their eyes are white – the eyes, the windows to the soul, are completely clear and light.

The seed of life becomes the heart of the One to whom the essences are offering. The same One, sitting in meditation, though now is higher within the tree. The crossed legs are seen as the arms of the two dancing beings below. The One has a purple lotus blossoming upon the crown and has hands in mudras.

[I have noticed a pattern that when I depict the One as a human body, I leave the body without a face – clear yet undefined, like a mirror waiting for you to meet your infinite reflection. And vice versa, when I depict the One as a face, I create the face disembodied – always watching you, but in a deeper, vaster sense than what is possible by observation within a human body]

From the same mudras are lines of purple, gold, and white stretching towards the heart, around the seed of life. These lines form the lips of the face of another, larger One, kissing the seed of life. The faceless head of the embodied One forms the nose of the disembodied face. The purple lotus petals are teardrops of this One’s face. The third eye of this face is the head of yet another faceless body. The purple lotus forms the chest of this body, and lines of white and green coming from the mudras of the sitting being below form the hips of this body. Through the eyes of the face reach the arms of the faceless body, with hands also in mudras. Coming out from the shoulders of this body are wing-like formations which also have eyes in them, representing a yet higher vision of the bodiless face. The wings and arms of this body are branches of the tree, growing leaves upward and flowing downward toward the roots, where it all begins again.


36” x 48” oil on wood

She sees you, and she sees herself. Palms open to receive and feel the fire. Sitting in the flaming lotus is herself, with hands open in surrendur. Accepting her surroundings, she allows herself to be sacrificed and essentially die. Rebirth follows death, and because of this genuine offering of herself, she ascends out of her crown into a larger version of her being. She dances with the flames and reaches up to her face, where she finds herself again, in the face’s third eye, spreading wings to fly.

Goddess Within

Goddess Within
18” x 24” acrylic on canvas
Painted live at Wakarusa 2011.

Self Portrait

Remember, the universe is within each of us. As we align with our Source, we have greater access to the universal force and flow that is inherently within all of us. Let us be emancipated from limiting thoughts of separation, attachment, and judgement, so we may fully surrender and dive into the Divine flow of Universal Love.
I Love You All.

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  2. Yo!

    Met you at rootwire, just wanted to connect in cyberspace so we can remain in touch and I can promote your wonderful creations. Shoot me an email when you get this, I’d like to talk with you about a number of things. Hope you had a safe and stressfree journey home, talk to you soon!

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