Spirit Science – The Human History Movie

I recommend watching the entire Spirit Science series of short videos on youtube.  These are great introductions into a variety of metaphysical and spirituality topics and they are packed with a ton of information, so much so that sometimes I have to watch them twice to get it all. I have found it an efficient use of my time to get the overall ideas and key points on all these topics about which I’ve always wanted to learn, but don’t want to spend time sifting through tons of resources and material.  Spirit Science has already done this for you and does a great job of condensing the key points.  Also, the animation is funny and sometimes cheesy. The information in the entire series is information that needs to be spread far and wide so please share the videos in their series all the time with everyone you know! Each time you take 10 minutes out of your day to watch an episode, share it on your facebook or email it to some friends.

Infinite Blessings

Divine Feline Feathered Serpentine

Dreams are symbolic keys into our personal and collective consciousness. They take forms of the absurdly bizarre, completely lucid, psychically connected, and everywhere in between. Regardless of the content, there is always a message your sub or super consciousness is relating to you…

About a year ago I had the most realistic and vividly intense dream I’ve ever had.

I dreamed I was walking down a steep staircase made of smooth stones. At the top of the structure was a big golden white jaguar with no spots. The cat was watching me intensely as she stood at the top of the architecture. When I looked into her eyes I knew she wasn’t going to attack me… there was a mutual understanding in our gaze.

I continued to walk to the bottom of the steps of this large stone structure, where there was a huge snake, all coiled up, waiting for me. The snake flew up to me, wrapped around me many times and bit me. I immediately woke up and could still feel the pressure and bite of the snake. It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before, and the sensation lasted for quite a while after I had woken.

I didn’t know what to think of this dream until recently. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a web page about the Mayan ruins. The city of Chichen Itza caught my attention, specifically the Pyramid of Kukulcan, or El Castillo. Here is what I found it particularly interesting…

“The architecture of El Castillo is full of symbolism, particularly with reference to the important Mayan calendar. The four stairways leading up to the central platform each have 91 steps, making a total of 364; added to the central platform this equals the 365 days of the solar year. On either side of each stairway are nine terraces, which makes 18 on each face of the pyramid, equaling the number of months in the Maya solar calendar. On the facing of these terraces are 52 panels, representing the 52-year cycle when both the solar and religious calendars would become realigned.

Sculptures of the Feathered Serpents run down the sides of the northern staircase and are aligned so that a special effect occurs on the spring and fall equinox. On these two days, the setting sun casts the shadow of the terraces onto the ramp of the northern stairway, forming a diamond pattern suggestive of the designs on some snakes. Slowly it descends into the earth.

Carefully climb up one of the steep staircases for a great view of the site and some carvings in the temple on top. The Maya would often build newer bigger temple-pyramids atop older ones and archaeologists have constructed tunnels allowing a view of an earlier temple of Kukulcan inside the later one. A narrow stairway at the western edge of the north staircase leads inside the early temple, where you can see King Kukulcan’s Jaguar Throne, painted red and encrusted with jade spots.”

Around the same time, I also began reading The Emerald Tablets by the Ancient Master, Thoth (pronounced tote), and discovered an undeniable connection between the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesoamerica.

Then I started researching more correlations between these two ancient and Supremely advanced societies. I found several similarities, such as their immaculate understanding of consciousness and the cosmos; they both built astounding pyramids with powers unfathomable to most present day humans; and they both honored animal-like Gods – specifically: the serpent and the feline.

So I began looking more into what these two animals symbolize…

The Serpent immediately reminds me of Kundalini energy; and symbolizes healing (as frequently seen on medical emblems), though can also be poisonous and dangerous. It is symbolic of rebirth and transformation (because of its ability to shed its skin) and eternity (metaphorically represented as a snake eating its tail).

The ancient Egyptians and Mesoamericans honored feathered serpent deities. In the east it was known as Wadjet, the protector of kings (often seen on their crowns), and closely associated with the feline God, Bast. In the west the feathered serpent is known as Quetzalcoatl, or Kukulcan, also the protector of kings and priests.

The Feline has very independent energy, and is incredibly intuitive and aware. Attributed with nocturnality, they see well through darkness and are active in the light of the moon (a feminine symbol). What I found very interesting is that the torus shaped energy field of cats rotate counter clockwise, and the energy field of humans rotate clockwise. Counter clockwise spirals take in and absorb energy, while clockwise spirals release and disperse energy. This means that cats inherently neutralize and balance human energy. (Ever had a bad day and just wanted to cuddle up with your cat to feel better?)

Bast and Sekhmet are related feline Goddesses of Egypt. They are fiercely protective and compassionately nurturing beings. Ixchel is the Mesoamerican jaguar Goddess of the moon, fertility, and birth.

While contemplating and meditating upon all these fascinating connections, I began creating a painting that unifies these recurring themes.

I began with the eyes of the Feline. They are also the Egyptian eyes of Horus, which is the symbol of Wadjet. Connecting the eyes is the Egyptian ankh, the symbol of eternal life. The loop of the ankh forms the head of a human figure, shown kneeling within the face of the Feline. Within the head of the human is the Inner Self, sitting in a lotus. Embracing the Inner Self is the snake like energy of Kundalini, spiraling up and down the spine. The head and tail of the serpent coil to infinity. The arms of the human are open and supporting the vision of the Feline, sprouting feathers to fly in transformation of this Divine encounter.

Always in All Ways