Kalya Scintilla remixed and beyond

With down-tempo middle-eastern inspired music; Kalya Scintilla delights your ears with sonic bliss and is undoubtedly Tribal Council’s favorite producer of 2012 (and Clayton’s favorite of all time). No matter what TC party you have been to, you are guaranteed to have heard at least one Kalya track. Being from Australia, his music carries a different, exotic, and galactic feel. Generally absent of lyrics; this helps display the interesting melodic lines and sound clips interwoven into the soundscape. This ambiance and music is perfect for belly dancing, yoga, and even meditation.

dance the spiral never endingTantilizing to the ears, Dance the Spiral Never Ending was released in January 2012. This whole album has this lovely yet groovy dance feel throughout! He loves to add these wonderful alien sounds into his songs; one that sticks out in my mind is ‘Bone and Stone‘. This song has some gangster beats with intergalactic filters layered on this amazing track. Another memorable song is ‘Break Belief Bounce‘ featuring Alice Spacedoll with exotic vocals. With a very bouncy beat, this song incorporates what I would consider the “essential” Kalya Scintilla sound; middle eastern inspired, galactic, activation beats. The last track I want to mention is ‘Dance the Spiral Never Ending‘ featuring Alice Spacedoll; the title track of the album. This song is really funky and has violin and guitar samples strewn through-out. The lyrics to this song are inspiring “Dance the Spiral Never Ending. Dance the air, the earth, the water; by your dance you hope can give us…” I love when artists use spoken word poetry or uplifting messages in their music. This idea of sharing more than just music, helps plant the seeds of self transformation and love.

Dance the never ending spiral remixedKalyaScintilla released a remix album fall of 2012, featuring select tracks off of Dance the Spiral Never Ending. On the original album, Rises in the East is the first track. Remixed by The Human Experience, the version is super quirky. They added some light vocals, and a beautiful violin solo to make the track dynamic and their own. The Desert Dewllers remixed Break Belief Bounce, it has much more of a trance sound than the original. The vocals and main melody are woven in and out of this track. Instead of the normal flow, the vocals are worked in as smaller glitchy clips broken up. Whitebear also offers a remix of the same track, his take is very trance-like. He layers a lot of the sounds on top of each other, creating a larger sound palette. I really enjoy how he breaks up the original rhythm and creates his own idea. Dance the Spiral Never Ending is remixed by Kaminanda, he gives this song a very alien sound. Adding some of his own melodies through the song, he leaves the spoken poetry. This version is very groovy and galactic, with less of the middle eastern sound that Kalya uses. There are a few versions of Whomp Shanti on the remix album, but I think Bird of Paradise’s remix is the best. There is this forward motion in the track, that is also present in other sets and songs of Bird of Paradise. At the end he speeds up the whole track and gives it a break beats feel.

Galactic OhmMerkaba is a side project that Kalya Scintilla has; the sound he uses is much more progressive psytrance. Galactic Ohm is the latest release under this name. First track is the title Galactic Ohm, and has many elements of Kalya Scintila’s style. With many glitchy, alien sounds and a constant fast-paced rhythm beneath it all; he creates the psytrance sound. The second and last track is titled Heart Math, and is my favorite track of the album! He starts this wonderful groove with a singing bowl and bells being rung, which are rung through-out the song. He takes the track to a new level by doubling the bass beat again creating the psytrance sound. What makes this track stand out to me is the simplicity through-out, ending with a sound clip of Bashar spreading his wisdom and light. (That is around 10:15 in the track) “Your heart has memory, your heart has wisdom, your heart has consciousness, your heart actually thinks… and when you can develop a balanced dialogue between the heart mind and the head mind, that’s when everything falls into alignment!”

Needless to say Kalya Scintilla is a beautiful, intelligent, transcended master of sound. He is currently trying to raise money for a visa to tour America in 2013. Please take a moment and donate to his campaign here. I cannot think of another artist I would like to see more during this upcoming festival season! Also feel free to check out his soundcloud for some other great remixes.

Spirit Science – The Human History Movie

I recommend watching the entire Spirit Science series of short videos on youtube.  These are great introductions into a variety of metaphysical and spirituality topics and they are packed with a ton of information, so much so that sometimes I have to watch them twice to get it all. I have found it an efficient use of my time to get the overall ideas and key points on all these topics about which I’ve always wanted to learn, but don’t want to spend time sifting through tons of resources and material.  Spirit Science has already done this for you and does a great job of condensing the key points.  Also, the animation is funny and sometimes cheesy. The information in the entire series is information that needs to be spread far and wide so please share the videos in their series all the time with everyone you know! Each time you take 10 minutes out of your day to watch an episode, share it on your facebook or email it to some friends.

Infinite Blessings

2012: All Signs Point to a BIG Change, Especially Astrophysics and Crop Circles

I hope you like your crop circles and merkabas served with a side of astrophysics. I suggest getting a cup of tea for this one.  I rarely watch feature length videos on youtube, but my mother and I agreed this one was well worth it.  Andov packs a ridiculous amount of information into this video, and it’s quite….well….er, better just watch it than me try to say anything about :)

I had an internal conflict about whether to post this for fear of reactions from skeptics who may label me as a “doom and gloom 2012 fanatic” or one of the countless others judgements people assign to those who talk about aliens and the topics in this video. Well, my internal dialogue was short as I quickly came to the conclusion that this information is far too important to not be shared for any reason, especially something as silly as fear of judgement!  Andov connects the dots masterfully well with an abundance of research and science to back up his claims and predictions.  The information in this video resonates deeply within my being.  I know many people would rather watch superbowl commercials or Lady Gaga’s award acceptance speech. This video is for those who know deep in their core that there are galactic events going on that we as a people as largely unaware of for a variety of reasons.  And it’s for the superbowl and MTV watchers too. It’s for everyone.  After all, you are me and I am you.

The message is simple. Now is the time to awaken to our true selves and activate our highest potential.  If you get this message, then you will understand that this is not a doom and gloom video.  Thank you, B. for posting this!

Youtube video description:

“Magnificent presentation by Pane “AstralWalker” Andov about the mega event that will take place at the end of year 2012 and beginning of the 2013. He explains that thousands of years ago from the galactic centre of the Milky Way, there was a powerful release of an enormous amount of energy, which like a huge, shining, circular wave is spreading across the galaxy from its centre to its edges.
The released energetic pulse is already affecting the whole galaxy including the little dot we call our solar system. Very soon it will reach us and hit us with full strength. He explains what kind of implications this spreading wave of energy will have on our solar system, especially to our star and our planet and how it will affect the DNA of life.
The way that Pane connects the dots makes it clear what our planet will face soon and what we as humans can do about it. He is also a contactee and delivers important messages which he backs up with scientific data. For the record, his DNA was changed when his biological body was only seven years old, enabling him to utilize abilities such telepathy, remote viewing, astral travel and to make contact.
He claims that from time to time numerous ET races communicate and deliver important messages to him as a result of alternations to his DNA in early childhood. One of those races is the positive race that is delivering the genuine crop circles, and they explained to him what the complex geometries mean. That’s how Pane was able to translate the complex geometric designs which contain the solution to the equation regarding what humanity is facing, when it’s going to happen and what can be done about it.

For more reference please visit his website:
http://www.paneandov.com/sun-goes-red-giant-23-dec-2012/  “