Daniel Pinchbeck’s talk “2012: A Change in How We Experience Time,” Burning Man 2003

“The thesis for my next book is: The destruction of the biosphere by modern industrial civilization is a willed cataclysm designed to force the accelerated evolution of human consciousness to the next level.” – Daniel Pinchbeck, from the following talk.

I first discovered the podcast “Psychedelic Salon” when I was a freshman in college.  I listened to a few episodes, including some Terrance McKenna talks, but then didn’t listen to any for five years.  I just recently rediscovered this incredible free resource and have been enjoying the intellectual stimulation its episodes provide.  For those who aren’t familiar with Psychedelic Salon, it is a podcast generously provided by Lorenzo Hagerty, who has gone to a considerable amount of effort to collect an impressive number of talks and seminars given by the most knowledgeable and pioneering intellectual minds and psychedelic thinkers of our time including the McKennas, Alex Grey, the Shulgins, Daniel Pinchbeck, and many more.

The following talk by Daniel Pinchbeck, entitled “2012: A Change in How We Experience Time,” was given at Burning Man 2003 as a part of the series of talks at the Palenque Norte theme camp.  This is one of my favorite intellectual talks I have ever heard!  He brings up a bunch of different ways of looking at the shift in human consciousness that is occurring right now.  He discusses the different ways humans have experienced time including time from the Mayan perspective.  He touches on stone henge, mayan temples, fractals, Jose Arguelles‘ work, and the importance of returning to indigenous shamanic ritualistic practices.  There is also a great introduction/summary of the Mayan calender, which I especially appreciated since I haven’t done much research into that area of knowledge.  Pinchbeck is truly a joy to listen to, and I highly suggest you take 45 minutes to listen to this episode!

Left to right: Pinchbeck, Rick Doblin, Alex Grey. http://cosm.typepad.com/cosm_blog/2008/09/burning-man-200.html

It’s juicy! I suggest just going ahead and subscribing to the podcast :)

Daniel Pinchbeck’s talk “2012: A Change in How We Experience Time,” Burning Man 2003

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