Adham Shaikh’s new release

Adham Shaikh is an intelligent and inspiring musician. With skill he aptly merges west coast bass to ambient soundscapes and many styles in between. Sometimes he is a solo project with drum machines, synths, and ipads; other times he has a ten piece outworld orkestra (a troupe of dancers, artists, and musicians). A couple years ago he released his third album called Universal Frequencies. This album was ground breaking; and consequently remixed albums were created. Refractions universal frequencies remix volume 2 is Adham’s newest release; with mixes by the Desert Dwellers, Tripswitch, Drumspyder, Kaya Project, and many more!

Refractions universal frequencies remixes volume 2

Refractions universal frequencies remixes vol. 2

While you should check out volume one, there are a few songs off his latest album that are notable. Tripswitch’s remix of Rug Rippin’ is eloquent; it keeps the feel of the original song while displaying his own style. It is more down tempo and bassy, but still keeps the clarinet sample from the original song. Another interesting remix is Xopianoi’s take on Desert Dub, again he original feel is kept but now there is a glitchy alien sound added. The Desert Dwellers also chose Desert Dub as their remix. Adding many alluring attributes to the song; like the filter that makes everything sound far away. Kundalini Fuel by Lexifer’s Spiral Dub brings you through an audio journey. This song keeps the middle eastern feel while adding a very electronic alien sound, this remix is more down tempo than the original.

Please visit Adham Shaikh’s bandcamp, this release is being sold as “name your own price”! Another great place to keep up with new releases and ideas is his soundcloud.


Desert Dwellers and the Kinnection Series

Tribal Council is excited and honored to welcome the Desert Dwellers to our Kinnection series. Supported by The Human Experience and Aligning Minds, these shows are sure to excite ones’ senses. The Kinnection series not only focuses on conscious music, but we offer yoga, workshops, and a tea lounge all to build community and support creativity. Please feel free to read more about our intentions with the Kinnection Series here.

Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe

Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe

Composed of the DJs Amani Friend, Treavor Moontribe, and Rara Avis; the Desert Dwellers immerse you in a vibrant, ethnic soundscape. Pioneers and an integral part in the growth of this genre; sacred bass music, or as I like to call it “temple-step.” This genre fuses down-tempo yoga flow with electronic bass beats to make this wonderful ethno-techno sound. Weaving ancient sounds with modern technology the Desert Dwellers are not only pioneers of this genre, but are audio-shamans of our time. Interwoven with flute, sitar, tabala, and bell samples they also add inspirational poetry in some songs. Like the song Spinning out of Nothingness, “we come spinning out of nothingness, scattered like stardust.”

In the beginning this collaboration of musical minds was formed with help of the Moontribe. The Moontribe is a collective in Southern California: known for throwing underground dance gatherings deep in the deserts. We at Tribal Council take inspiration from the Moontribe and similar collectives; connecting community, co:creation, and conscious events.

Desert Dwellers enlightening us with their aural alchemy at Symbiosis 2012

Desert Dwellers enlightening us with their aural alchemy at Symbiosis 2012.

My first experience of The Desert Dwellers live was at Symbiosis 2012 at Pyramid Lake, NV. I was in no way ready for the experience I was about to embark upon. I remember being told by a music enthusiast friend that I NEEDED to see The Desert Dwellers no matter what time they were on. I scoured the schedule and to my slight dismay, found that they were on at seven AM! Dancing the night away seven quickly approached; while my friends disappeared to catch a couple hours of rest before it became blistering hot again. Sleepily I made my way towards the earth stage for the most eye-opening musical experience I have witnessed. Together the three DJs rocked my world infusing middle-eastern beats with deep bass heavy beats. A couple hundred beautiful souls and I welcomed the morning sunrise with dance and praise, swaying to the stunning ethereal music.

Needless to say I am hooked for life, this music is not only perfect for meditation/yoga but is also lively to dance to. To this day they are not only some of my favorite DJs; but a huge inspiration to me and my music. They taught me to strive for the sound and genre I feel in my heart; not to try and fit into a preconceived notion of what a classical singer should do. If you would like to hear the set from Symbiosis, you can find for free download on their souncloud, along with many other sets/mixes. Also please check their bandcamp out for other releases.

The Human Experience and the Kinnection Series

Tribal Council is very excited to welcome The Human Experience, David Block, to our Kinnection series! For those of you who are not sure what our Kinnection series is; Tribal Council does a three night run between Athens, Atlanta, and Ashville. Each night we offer yoga, workshops, a tea lounge, and a show provided by extremely conscious and talented musicians. We are focused on giving back to our commUNITY and supporting co:creation with this series. To read more about what the Kinnection series is about please follow this link. We are very excited for this upcoming run because David Block has been so kind as to not only play a downtempo set for our yoga class, but he is also offering a workshop about sound, melody, & music, as well as his normal set.

Recent release: The art of the way

Recent release: The art of the way

What excites me about The Human Experience is that he is a live electronic act; he plays instruments and composes live. Each album is a live soundscape in which he strives to portray the beauty of the human experience we call life. One of his more recent releases is The Art of the Way. The album starts with one of my favorite songs 11:11:11, it has this sultry dance feel while sharing the feeling of tranquility. More than we Know featuring Amae Love is probably the most famous song off this release. Amae Love has a powerful expressive voice that brings life to this track. Woven into this song is a simple guitar riff that adds depth and melody, and supports Ms. Love wonderfully. The last song I would like to touch upon is Ot Du Shi featuring Mindex. This tune incorporates ethereal vocals and lovely melody. The song about half way through blossoms into a harder crunchy electronic tune. I love the contrast between the two halves of the song and how masterfully he weaves them together to make this exquisite track. This album is free or by donation off bandcamp, please support this talented and exceptional musician. You can also enjoy music off his soundcloud and this link will bring you to his artist page.

Kalya Scintilla remixed and beyond

With down-tempo middle-eastern inspired music; Kalya Scintilla delights your ears with sonic bliss and is undoubtedly Tribal Council’s favorite producer of 2012 (and Clayton’s favorite of all time). No matter what TC party you have been to, you are guaranteed to have heard at least one Kalya track. Being from Australia, his music carries a different, exotic, and galactic feel. Generally absent of lyrics; this helps display the interesting melodic lines and sound clips interwoven into the soundscape. This ambiance and music is perfect for belly dancing, yoga, and even meditation.

dance the spiral never endingTantilizing to the ears, Dance the Spiral Never Ending was released in January 2012. This whole album has this lovely yet groovy dance feel throughout! He loves to add these wonderful alien sounds into his songs; one that sticks out in my mind is ‘Bone and Stone‘. This song has some gangster beats with intergalactic filters layered on this amazing track. Another memorable song is ‘Break Belief Bounce‘ featuring Alice Spacedoll with exotic vocals. With a very bouncy beat, this song incorporates what I would consider the “essential” Kalya Scintilla sound; middle eastern inspired, galactic, activation beats. The last track I want to mention is ‘Dance the Spiral Never Ending‘ featuring Alice Spacedoll; the title track of the album. This song is really funky and has violin and guitar samples strewn through-out. The lyrics to this song are inspiring “Dance the Spiral Never Ending. Dance the air, the earth, the water; by your dance you hope can give us…” I love when artists use spoken word poetry or uplifting messages in their music. This idea of sharing more than just music, helps plant the seeds of self transformation and love.

Dance the never ending spiral remixedKalyaScintilla released a remix album fall of 2012, featuring select tracks off of Dance the Spiral Never Ending. On the original album, Rises in the East is the first track. Remixed by The Human Experience, the version is super quirky. They added some light vocals, and a beautiful violin solo to make the track dynamic and their own. The Desert Dewllers remixed Break Belief Bounce, it has much more of a trance sound than the original. The vocals and main melody are woven in and out of this track. Instead of the normal flow, the vocals are worked in as smaller glitchy clips broken up. Whitebear also offers a remix of the same track, his take is very trance-like. He layers a lot of the sounds on top of each other, creating a larger sound palette. I really enjoy how he breaks up the original rhythm and creates his own idea. Dance the Spiral Never Ending is remixed by Kaminanda, he gives this song a very alien sound. Adding some of his own melodies through the song, he leaves the spoken poetry. This version is very groovy and galactic, with less of the middle eastern sound that Kalya uses. There are a few versions of Whomp Shanti on the remix album, but I think Bird of Paradise’s remix is the best. There is this forward motion in the track, that is also present in other sets and songs of Bird of Paradise. At the end he speeds up the whole track and gives it a break beats feel.

Galactic OhmMerkaba is a side project that Kalya Scintilla has; the sound he uses is much more progressive psytrance. Galactic Ohm is the latest release under this name. First track is the title Galactic Ohm, and has many elements of Kalya Scintila’s style. With many glitchy, alien sounds and a constant fast-paced rhythm beneath it all; he creates the psytrance sound. The second and last track is titled Heart Math, and is my favorite track of the album! He starts this wonderful groove with a singing bowl and bells being rung, which are rung through-out the song. He takes the track to a new level by doubling the bass beat again creating the psytrance sound. What makes this track stand out to me is the simplicity through-out, ending with a sound clip of Bashar spreading his wisdom and light. (That is around 10:15 in the track) “Your heart has memory, your heart has wisdom, your heart has consciousness, your heart actually thinks… and when you can develop a balanced dialogue between the heart mind and the head mind, that’s when everything falls into alignment!”

Needless to say Kalya Scintilla is a beautiful, intelligent, transcended master of sound. He is currently trying to raise money for a visa to tour America in 2013. Please take a moment and donate to his campaign here. I cannot think of another artist I would like to see more during this upcoming festival season! Also feel free to check out his soundcloud for some other great remixes.

Sacred Singularity EP released by Skytree

Skytree’s new EP Sacred Singularity, shares many uplifting messages to think about when listening. It is always a delight to experience something deeper than the perception of sound from an album. Iridescent Tesseract has many interesting samples seamlessly interwoven to create a beautiful sound-scape. Not only is Skytree an intelligent musician; but a truly wonderful and enlightened being. He shares his love through music and crystals, his song Crystalline Entity attests to this love. Let Skytree share his visionary beats with you on his upcoming tour. You will not be disappointed as he bathes you in an ambient world of sound. Please support our dear friend either on this tour or through his bandcamp!

The mysterious Ayur melodies…who is it?

Last week I was visiting my old college town, the always lovely Asheville, NC. One night when I was chillaxing with one lively lil munchkin, she randomly stumbled across a track by “Ayur” on her IPod, which she had just filled with fresh beats.  When she accused my of having tampered with her device and I denied it, we decided to investigate the situation.  As it turns out, one of her Nujabes tracks showed up labeled with “Ayur” as the artist.  Upon listening to it, we were left speechless by the track’s beautiful melodies so we turned to the omniscient oracles of Youtube and Google to find other tracks or information on this artist.  We could find very little. Only the following tracks:

Ayur – “I Miss You”

Ayur – “Children of the Earth”

It certainly has an Emancipator type feel to it. Gotta love the “instrumental/jazz/hip hop” genre, which is what, blogs, and youtube uploaders keep calling it.  After the disappointing preliminary internet search yield, I turned to radio (because I like it better than Pandora) and have been blissing out on the Ayur radio station.  My favorite thing about streaming radio archives like Pandora and is how many new artists you discover while listening to familiar stations.  Of course, Youtube helps you discover new artists as well, albeit indirectly, if you view the suggestions that pop up on the right hand column.

But my real triumph didn’t come about until tonight, when a last minute google search yielded a download link for the original mixtape on which both of these Ayur tracks were originally released. What did I do differently? I searched for the mixtape album name, “Beautiful Field,” which I just happen to spy in the description of the youtube video for Children of the Earth.  It’s funny how one little cookie crumb will suddenly open up a whole new path of discovery. Gotta love it!  So enjoy this peaceful little mixtape:














VA – Beautiful Field

VA – Beautiful Field
Release: 2007
Label: Aicube
Genre: hip hop / jazz

01 Children of the Earth (Ness Original Re-Edit) / Ayur
02 Dreams / Jetbeat
03 Jazz Move / Channel Two
04 Dazzling Sun / Solime
05 Love Theme from Spartacus / Quasar
06 Sexual for Elizabeth fet. Shing02 (Instrumental) / Five Deez
07 Scott Air (Travelling Light Mix) / Ben Human
08 Cantamilla / Tranquility Bass
09 Vem Para Ficar feat. Wilma de / Lava
10 I Miss You / Ayur
11 Mugen Eternal (UDK Remix) / Little West
12 Cathodical Mirror of Human Beings / Peppermill
13 Birds Element / Quasar
14 Suburban (Love2) / Surburan