The mysterious Ayur melodies…who is it?

Last week I was visiting my old college town, the always lovely Asheville, NC. One night when I was chillaxing with one lively lil munchkin, she randomly stumbled across a track by “Ayur” on her IPod, which she had just filled with fresh beats.  When she accused my of having tampered with her device and I denied it, we decided to investigate the situation.  As it turns out, one of her Nujabes tracks showed up labeled with “Ayur” as the artist.  Upon listening to it, we were left speechless by the track’s beautiful melodies so we turned to the omniscient oracles of Youtube and Google to find other tracks or information on this artist.  We could find very little. Only the following tracks:

Ayur – “I Miss You”

Ayur – “Children of the Earth”

It certainly has an Emancipator type feel to it. Gotta love the “instrumental/jazz/hip hop” genre, which is what, blogs, and youtube uploaders keep calling it.  After the disappointing preliminary internet search yield, I turned to radio (because I like it better than Pandora) and have been blissing out on the Ayur radio station.  My favorite thing about streaming radio archives like Pandora and is how many new artists you discover while listening to familiar stations.  Of course, Youtube helps you discover new artists as well, albeit indirectly, if you view the suggestions that pop up on the right hand column.

But my real triumph didn’t come about until tonight, when a last minute google search yielded a download link for the original mixtape on which both of these Ayur tracks were originally released. What did I do differently? I searched for the mixtape album name, “Beautiful Field,” which I just happen to spy in the description of the youtube video for Children of the Earth.  It’s funny how one little cookie crumb will suddenly open up a whole new path of discovery. Gotta love it!  So enjoy this peaceful little mixtape:














VA – Beautiful Field

VA – Beautiful Field
Release: 2007
Label: Aicube
Genre: hip hop / jazz

01 Children of the Earth (Ness Original Re-Edit) / Ayur
02 Dreams / Jetbeat
03 Jazz Move / Channel Two
04 Dazzling Sun / Solime
05 Love Theme from Spartacus / Quasar
06 Sexual for Elizabeth fet. Shing02 (Instrumental) / Five Deez
07 Scott Air (Travelling Light Mix) / Ben Human
08 Cantamilla / Tranquility Bass
09 Vem Para Ficar feat. Wilma de / Lava
10 I Miss You / Ayur
11 Mugen Eternal (UDK Remix) / Little West
12 Cathodical Mirror of Human Beings / Peppermill
13 Birds Element / Quasar
14 Suburban (Love2) / Surburan