Our Sanctuary Installation and Workshop Stage

Our passion is co:creation. If you are interested in having Tribal Council’s services at your event, please contact Clayton Gaar at tribalcouncil11@gmail.com so that we may help ensure your vision comes to fruition. We will happily draft a unique service proposal for your event according to  your vision.

Tribal Council Sacred Sanctuary Dome Installation
::Our main active installation, meant to provide a comfortable setting for the blooming of intimate transformational experiences at music festivals::

-Spiritual Lounge with comfortable seating in a 25ft geodesic dome patterned with the flower of life
-Attached 16 ft sound healing dome chamber lined with beds
-Yoga, Meditation and group spiritual experiences during the day
-Open (monitored) communal space during the evening
-Library of thought-provoking and informative texts
-Multiple crystal altar tables
-Constant spontaneous spiritual exercises facilitated by our Team of Councilors


Tribal Council Dome Sanctuary Workshop Stage
::Our Installation can easily be setup as an active workshop stage for your event::

-Small stage area for speakers with quality sound
-Expanded seating arrangement in and around our workshop stage
-In house yoga teachers, meditation guides and speakers
-Run by our crew of trained Councilors


Tribal Council Sunrise Stage:
::We love to throw sunrise parties, and are equipped and energetically prepared to run an outdoor sunrise stage as part of our installation::

-Table and stage decoration
-Sound equipment
-Roster of local DJs specializing in world music and downtempo sunrise sets
-Crew monitoring the event
-Space blessings and ceremony for sunrise


Detailed explanation of installation components and significance within the music scene:

On the road, the primary way we provide integrative, conscious, and rejuvenating experiences for the community is through our Tribal Council Sacred Sanctuary Dome, which can also be fully utilized as a workshop stage for your festival (as with Rootwire Music and Arts Festival 2012). A relaxing sacred space that is part art installation, part lounge and part meditation retreat, the Sanctuary creates a feeling of peace, community, and healing all within the main event area of a festival. Here, festival participants come to enjoy sacred vibrations, to relax comfortably without trekking to the campgrounds, and to energize with tea and meditative experiences rather than with toxic beverages and substances. Visitors enjoy scheduled ceremonial activities and workshops throughout the day, and during the night, they participate in spontaneous acts of spiritual and artistic creation.  Dedicated Tribal Council members are always present at the Sanctuary to engage visitors and assist them in any way we can. Whether we are answering questions about the space, fetching water for a parched mouth, or engaging curious souls in stimulating conversation, our mission is to hold space and entrain the vibrations in the sanctuary to ensure everyone has a relaxing, enjoyable haven in which to rest.

Peaking through our sanctuary entrance. Photo: Clayton Gaar

The essential idea behind the Tribal Council Sanctuary is that the festival participants share responsibility in creating the environment.  Indeed, our constant reminder and greeting towards visitors is, “Welcome to Your sacred sanctuary!” There is a feeling of complete inclusion created by the Sanctuary, and people come here to rest from the frenzy of the show while still being in proximity to the stages and not feeling any urge to leave the event area (The sanctuary works best situated close enough to the music to feel energetically impacted and impactful, yet far enough away to have a conversation). Just as it is the participant’s space, it is ours as well, and periodically we initiate ceremonial activity by asking the random assortment of people present in the dome to circle up (this is usually a large number of colorful new friends accompanied by our Councilors).

During the daytime, this can take the form of planned communions, such as guided meditation, hatha yoga, open expression spaces, open mics, workshops or speakers. In the evening, when it’s far livelier and packed, we allow the present energies to promote loud and fun communion.  We are just as likely to call everyone to a collective “Meow!” as we are to lead three resonating “OMs”. Tea can be served regularly to provide a non-toxic and non-intoxicating stimulant. The experience in the sanctuary is a fluid and co:creative process, and we are always elated to listen and feel the vision of festival event planners to influence and mold the framework of our activity. With planning, purpose and spontaneity we work around the clock to facilitate positive group experiences.

The Sanctuary itself is a small complex in and around a 24 ft diameter geodesic dome with a white flower of life patterned covering, with additional 20 ft shade awnings stretching out from the dome. In accordance with need and spatial conditions, the varied areas and attachments that flank the dome can take many forms. We can provide body work tents, meditation tipis, small shaded lounges or secret set DJ tents and are more than willing to utilize creative input in the planning stages. In the past, we have provided alternative napping areas and have plans to incorporate an attached dome to the effect of a rest-specific space. When the energy of night falls on the sanctuary, we project transportational visuals on the white dome as people become more lively and expressive. Overall, it is an amazingly pleasing experience to the body, mind and soul.

The inside of the sanctuary is a colorful and comfortable groundwork of rugs and pillows centered around altars with precious gems, minerals and spiritually iconic statues. Coming into the dome on a Saturday afternoon one is likely to see people picking up a book and reading aloud, laying crystals on a loved one, or busting into spontaneous partner yoga. We use tranquil lighting and have a stocked library of spiritual scriptures and new age material for people to read at their leisure. With visionary artwork lining the walls and vibrant fabrics filling every niche, the sanctuary becomes a space where we don’t even need to remind people to take their shoes off; they do so themselves (of course, we do post a sign on the door with guidelines for the space). The overall impact of the Sanctuary dome is that of supreme relaxation, intimate and comfortable energies, and a constant presence of higher awareness facilitated by our crew and the space itself.

The times we live in are seeded with creative opportunity, and the people who attend music gatherings of all sorts come to have an experience that will allow them to feel at peace as much as have an expansive celebration.  There is always the hope among festival goers that they will have a chance to express inner creativity and find communal joy in multiple mediums. Our Activation Council has seen this thirst for integrated conscious experience across the board and has birthed the Sanctuary as an installation to quench this desire. No doubt many events have employed networks of artists and creators to facilitate a positive festival experience, but Tribal Council’s presence in the form of the Sanctuary is unique and imperative because we serve as an ever-present reminder to attendees that there is a happy median in between partying and communion and in fact, that it is possible to do both at the same time. We use our resources and our space to send the call to “Rage with Awareness.” It is always better for event planners and festival crews if the crowd has a hand in mediating its own actions, and Tribal Council’s presence encourages healthy behavior in terms of how people treat both themselves and others. We provide a reference point of calm yet fun and conscious activity, reminding festival attendees that they didn’t come to the event to black themselves out on chemicals and miss half the music, but rather to enjoy musical and artistic creation, to be a participant in that creation instead of an observer, and above all to have a meaningful experience that will keep them coming back for years to come.

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