“Inviting Tribal Council was the first phone call I made upon getting the job as Art Director of Aura Music and Arts Festival. Having known Clayton, the creator of the dome, for quite some time I was confident that his vision of providing a calming and spiritual space for festival patrons would be a big hit for us. My confidence was well placed as the Tribal Council Sanctuary served as the non-musical, energetic center of Aura, providing a responsibly supervised space to lay, pray and connect, even as the sun came up. With the Sanctuary’s gorgeous appearance of white accents and welcoming ‘aura,’ the quick response from people’s first glimpse of the dome was, “wait till you go inside!”

The Sanctuary quickly became the spot for patrons, musicians and festival admin throughout the weekend to simply, “take a break” from the flashing lights and loud music with out having to walk all the way back to camp. Without question, we at Aura are happy to say that the Tribal Council Sanctuary will not only be back at Aura for years to come, but that Tribal Council has become a trusted member of the Aura family, and the symbiotic, loving connection that has formed certainly goes both ways.”
-Tim Coffey, Art Director of Brotherly Love Productions and Aura Music and Arts Festival

“It is exciting and down right encouraging to see a call to action swiftly fulfilled. Tribal Council is a supreme example of precisely what is needed in our modern music festival culture. Let me break it down for you. We spend our days on cell phones, driving in cars, always on the brink of being late to something, always worrying about this and that to the degree that when we finally make it to a festival or a live music environment, its really one of the last places we can really live in the present moment. There is so much power in presence that people begin to tap into something they’re not used to. They find themselves compelled to start looking deeper, a desire to tap in, and to gather together.

Tribal Council gives these people a place to take off their shoes, literally, and explore the vast world of the present moment. They facilitate ceremony and meditation, and make it “cool” again to those so lost that they have forgotten their power. The very fact that they are being invite to these festivals is intrinsic proof of the need for this service and the healing potential it truly has.

I had the distinct pleasure of sharing space with Clayton, Sara, and Edwin at Aura Music Festival in South Florida this last month and must say that the intention and actual vibe was kept as pure as possible the entirety of the weekend and would highly recommend Tribal Council to any festival looking to raise the vibrational energies that keep the event grounds safe, the people at peace, and the people spiritually fed.”
Anthony Thogmartin, Lead Guitarist of Papadosio

“The ability to have an alternative/chill/safe space is, in my opinion, a must at music festivals. Tribal Council provides a beautiful spot and even more beautiful company with which to pass time between sets or when it just gets a little too crazy out there. They were like an oasis to me – a place to go to find understanding souls, a moment of peace, and some colorful conversations. Sometimes festivals can seem a little overrun with “spring break hippies”, but in the TC zone, there was nothing but genuinely awesome people abiding with a sense of community. On a practical level, I think TC helps create calm in the festival and keeps many people safe, allowing patrons to rest the body and the mind. I am awed by the TC crew’s selfless efforts and hard work to provide such a beautiful sanctuary at Aura 2012 and consider myself a part of their tribe. I can’t imagine any more festivals without them!” – Kelly Searcy, Yoga Instructor at AURA Music and Arts Festival

“I only started my festival escapades May of last year.  In that span of time, having experienced small intimate festivals as well as larger full-fledged festivals, I only got to experience something so profoundly convening at this past AURA Festival. What I’m referring to is the beautiful dome tent organized by the awesomeness that is the Tribal Council. Their hard work manifests an abundance of smiles.  For my good friend experiencing his first festival, AURA was perfect because it was small and intimate, but the dome tent was the much-needed icing on the cake.  This is a necessity at every festival! The comforting coming togetherness I felt in this tent was absolutely idyllic; every one needs to experience what the Tribal Council has to offer.  There is an endearing vibe that becomes omnipresent in that dome. I had so many profound talks with so many amazing individuals in that tent, and having the pleasure of chanting a soothingly vibrating ‘OOOM’ amongst them was an unforgettable experience. The Tribal Council and their entire concept is absolutely beautiful! Aura festival 2012 was my first time meeting them, I’m sure it won’t be my last!”    – Ratish, AURA Music and Arts Festival 2012

“I haven’t encountered the concept of a chill-out space at any of the music festivals I’ve attended in years! I thought most people have forgotten the idea. Not only was it brought back to my delight, but in such a way that syncs up with the newer, changing times of today. The Tribal Council provided me with an atmosphere stating that we may think we all are different, but we are of the same soul, heading in the same direction. Just when I was beginning to think Florida didn’t have enough of that New Age vibe. We need more of that energy, not just here, but everywhere possible! And that is just what I see the Council achieving.”    – Shea, AURA Music and Arts Festival 2012

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