Custom Event Spaces

Peaking through our sanctuary entrance. Photo: Clayton Gaar

After many years of experience attending and working at music and arts festivals, we have noticed that there is always an abundance of places where people can dance, shout, and rejoice in revelry at these gatherings.  While that is good and natural, we wish to see a greater number of comfortable spaces where people can recharge, get grounded, receive healing, connect with others, and connect with spirit.  Such experiences are not only enjoyable, but they are vital to provide a healthy balance in a festival setting.  This is why Tribal Council began building such spaces several years ago and why we continue to offer our services to the music and art enthusiast community today.  Our installations offer a unique experience to festivalgoers; we provide sanctuary, both in terms of physical space
and energetic space.

Chanting and breath work class in our sanctuary. AURA Music and Arts Festival 2012. St. Cloud, FL. Photo: Clayton Gaar

Every festival experience teaches us something new about how to create intentional space and how we may best serve our community.  It has been exciting to reinvent our installation and allow our vision to evolve over time.  We have many ideas for expansions to our sanctuary as well as additional freestanding shade structures and ceremonial spaces.  Our vision is grand, and we are always looking for art grants to help manifest our vision into reality.  And for those interested in having a distinctive look to their event, we provide custom event production services in the area of aesthetics, including design and
construction of custom stage decor, shade structures, and art installations.

Our passion is co:creation. If you would like Tribal Council to co:create with your event, please contact us at, so that we may help ensure your vision comes to fruition.

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CLVR US visual projection. Photo: Clayton Gaar

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