Desert Dwellers, Symbiosis 2012 Sunrise Set


Im so grateful Desert Dwellers posted their Symbiosis sunrise set on Soundcloud.  It was the last sunrise of the the gathering and I had to rest my body so I missed it.  Now I can crank it in my headphones and imagine I was there…the next best thing :)

Enjoy these tunes, they are some of my favorite I have ever heard! They were sweet enough to post a track list for the set on the Soundcloud page too.  Many of the tracks are remixes of their tracks that were just released on Downtemple Dub Remixed or are about to be released on Recalibrated vol 1 and vol 2. If you like this music, definitely check out the artists who remixed some of these DD tracks, including Kaminanda, Kalya Scintilla, Bird of Prey, Love and Light, and Adam Shaikh – they are some of the finest producers of this world/ethno-step/yoga beat movement.

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