TC Gets a Website!

Greetings friends and family!

After nearly four years of existing in the real world as well as in the world of Facebook, we have created a website to help focus our creative energy, to share our intentions, and to plan future events and projects.  I am constantly amazed by how much Tribal Council has grown and evolved over the years.  Collectively, we have vast creative forces within us, extensive networking capabilities, and an impressive of amount resources at our disposal.  It is time we utilize all these things to help one another manifest that which we are wanting, whether it be spreading art, sharing teachings, healing others, or co-creating intentional spaces and transformational gatherings.

Thank you Caroline Rose!

Moving forward in 2012, TC has a lot of ideas about the gatherings we want to co-create.  I just came back from the west coast where groups of college students organize renegade gatherings in the national forest every weekend.  They bring generators, PA systems and lights out into the middle of the woods and provide all these services to the public free of charge.  I asked the organizers what it took to successfully put on these events. They said it takes good people, good music, and a lot of love.  Well we certainly have all of that!

Aura Music and Arts Festival has graciously invited us to set up a TC Sanctuary in the main stage area.  We are honored and so very excited to bring the vibe tribe and our geodesic dome down to Florida for a weekend of dancing, meditating, and just straight rejoicing!  We are currently talking to several other music and arts festivals that have expressed interest in the energy and services that we enjoy providing. This year is shaping up to be Tribal Council’s most shining and expansive year ever, and we want you to be a part of it.  After all, we are a collective, meaning our power and creative energy comes from our numbers.  The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

Visionary artist Andy Reed adds his prayers to the effigy before it burns at Transformus 2011, North Carolina's Regional Burning Man Event at Deerfields, NC.

Each one of us is powerful beyond belief.  At our very core we are creative beings. We are infinite.  Imagine what we can accomplish together as a collective, as a family, when we pool our resources and share our skills and wisdom.  Let us support one another, encourage one another, and challenge one another so that we may realize our fullest potential in each moment.

As always, infinite blessings!

Clayton Gaar (Tribal Council Founder and Coordinator)